A New York Heartbeat

Writer/Director: Tjardus Greidanus

A young gang leader named Spider finds himself in over his head when he steals a suitcase of money from Casket Mike, a notorious gangster.  On the run and wounded, Spider finds refuge with Tamara, a sheltered young woman whose reclusive uncle is the legendary crime lord, Big Didi.  Spider is safe for the time being, but completely dependent on Tamara, a girl with a mind of her own.  When Big Didi discovers Spider, the old gangster offers cold cash to kill Casket Mike.  But there’s one catch – he can never see Tamara again.  Now Spider is faced with the decision of his life: to enter a full-fledged life of crime or make a choice for real love.  

A NEW YORK HEARTBEAT was a quarter-finalist for the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship, won New Filmmakers Los Angeles Best Feature Film 2013, and launched Golden Globe-winner Rachel Brosnahan’s career.

“If a film can be both beautiful and desolate, this is a successful example.  It’s brooding, shadow-filled film noir, only in color.”

–The Strip!

"Spider’s crew of hoodlums has more in common with the kids in Stand by Me than big-screen mafiosos … the speed with which the gang is swept up into trouble is a remedy to 100 bloated Hollywood setups."

–Pittsburgh Magazine

New Filmmakers Los Angeles